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Whether you are a new English speaker, or looking for some extra practice using beginner grammar skills, this ongoing course is the perfect weekly practice to strengthen and embolden each student to speak and write with confidence! For grammar lessons, I like to use the "I do, we do, you do" model. First, I will model and teach the material. Next, we will practice together, and finally, students will be given an opportunity to independently show their understanding! I have games and activities prepared as well as topics of discussion for the students to practice conversational English using the grammar rules we just learned in class!

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Lynda Diamond

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My name is Lynda Diamond. I teach art to children, teens and adults. My painting and drawing classes focus on an exploration of line, colour and content drawing objects such as flowers or fruit to abstract geometric shapes. My Art History classes explore the different ways art has evolved and...

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Contenuti del corso

Week 1 - Nouns/Pronouns- What are nouns and pronouns? Singular and plural! Subject, object, and possessive pronouns!

Week 2 - Verbs - What is a verb? Let's explore verb principal parts

Week 3 - Subject Verb Agreement - Simple present, present continuous, simple future, simple past, and past progressive tenses. How do I conjugate verbs?

Week 4 - Adjectives and Adverbs - What are they and how do I use them?



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