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Cosa farete

In this course, we will learn the basics of using Scratch Jr. Students do not need to have any coding experience but should know how to work their device. Since this is for younger students, I highly advise the student having their zoom meeting on a computer and their project on a tablet that they can work on while still seeing the lesson. This will also allow them to show their work to the class as we go!

Each class, the students will add to their animated story with new skills that they learn. Scratch Jr. is a visual block coding language that is perfect for prereaders. All of the blocks use images for their labels. Each of the for sessions is only 30 minutes long so that young students can stay engaged and focused the whole time.

I will use screensharing to demonstrate the for the children and to guide their work.

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Young Gates

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Hi Everyone ,

Welcome to Young Gates . We are located in Bay Area,California .

We are currently teaching Scratch , Python , Java , Data Science , Websites , App making , Arduino circuits , Gaming , Photoshop , Painting , Animation , Public Speaking , Life Skills and Fast Math....

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Contenuti del corso

-The students will be introduced to the Scratch Jr. App
-We will start a new project, learn how to add characters and backgrounds and make our characters move

-Students will take this class time to add/create all the characters and create programs

-Students will learn how to animate a scene

-Create Projects with more details


Scratch Jr. app-Available on the Apple Store or Google Play.
If using a desktop, there is an adapted version you can download here: https://jfo8000.github.io/ScratchJr-Desktop/

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