Lynda Diamond

Lynda Diamond

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My name is Lynda Diamond. I teach art to children, teens and adults. My painting and drawing classes focus on an exploration of line, colour and content drawing objects such as flowers or fruit to abstract geometric shapes. My Art History classes explore the different ways art has evolved and influences our lives. I hold a BFA in painting from The San Francisco Art Institute. I attended The San Francisco Art Institute as a scholarship student. I have been teaching children, teens and adults painting and drawing for thirteen years. As an independent teacher. I offer a variety of class options. These options are one-day classes, ongoing and eight-week courses. I often teach art privately. I have taught college-level painting classes at Nova Scotia Community College. For the last two years, I have been teaching online ESL and drawing to kids in China. My art classes are always light-hearted in spirit. I believe that learning to paint and draw is great fun! My art students always want to return for more classes because my classes are so enjoyable. I am now teaching Art History classes too! I am uniquely qualified to teach Art History as the techniques I use in my own art-making comes from great artists from the past. Here's an interesting note about me. I wanted to study with a great painter that lives in Norway. One day I flew to Norway. Luckily, I watched this master painter paint and learned so much from him. I will always be grateful for this experience and for the skills I had learned.

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