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This is an ongoing Spanish Club. In each meeting, we will begin with introductions, greetings, and a hello song!  We will explore stories and songs based on different themes ( weather, animals, colours, shapes.) 

These meetings are targeted to young language learners (3-5) with no previous or very little knowledge of Spanish. 

Consider this a fun introduction to a new language

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Lynda Diamond

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My name is Lynda Diamond. I teach art to children, teens and adults. My painting and drawing classes focus on an exploration of line, colour and content drawing objects such as flowers or fruit to abstract geometric shapes. My Art History classes explore the different ways art has evolved and...

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Contenuti del corso

Let’s build a bridge…

A practice I use to engage students is “bridging.” I create a “bridge” to show the similarities and differences between the two languages (English and Spanish). The “bridge” focuses on the structures of language, which includes phonetics and semantics. Therefore, the classes will be taught with comprehensible input in Spanish with assistance in English. Learning will happen in a natural way - through games, songs, and short conversations. 

“Research has shown that children learning a second language start reading earlier, and the advantage increases the earlier they are exposed to the second language” 

SEPTIEMBRE: Cuentos de Raton y sus amigos.

OCTUBRE: Otoño/Halloween

NOVIEMBRE: Los Animales de la Granja! 


Themes that will be covered in our language club: 

Days of the Week 
Months of the year
Animals (farm)
Animals (pets)
Wild animals 
Partes del Cuerpo 
Frutas y vegetables


No previous knowledge of Spanish required.

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