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Cosa farete

In this introductory class, students will get a general understanding of the process
Behind the scenes of a film set. We will:

• take a dive into the departments on set;
• learn about various crew positions associated with those departments;
• cover writers, directors, producers, lighting, camera, art, vfx and other
departments with a peek behind the scenes on set.;
• showcase all camera types with demo of key camera components;
• lens dissection and the science behind the optics;
• introduction to depth of field and scene composition;
• discuss variable frame-rates (time-lapse, stop-motion, hi-speed/slow-motion);
• introduction of basic visual effects concepts;
• understanding of blue screen / green screen fundamentals;
• vfx methodologies and best practices;
• promote non-vanity style of filmmaking;
• inspire and encourage students to create their own productions;

In addition, we’ll also explore the world of post-production, showcasing the various
departments that help finish the project and that take the movie or TV show to the big
screen. I’ll help explain the processes followed in post-production such as editing,
color, sound and visual effects.

Once that is done, we’ll delve into how visual effects are utilized before, during and after filming
has wrapped. Afterwards, a demo VFX video is shown where I go into each VFX shot
and briefly discuss the challenges we had to overcome to get it to the big screen.
Students are usually very curious about this part of the process and we take time to
carefully address their questions as they arise.

There’s also some time taken to show how cameras work and best practices using
the various pieces of camera gear that might be accessible to kids in their own home
environment. It’s amazing to witness firsthand the creative wheels spinning in
these innovative minds and see how they can apply this new information to their
own creations.

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Rebecca Foster

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Mrs. Rebecca loves the quote, “Teaching isn’t my job. It’s my passion.” She has had this passion from the beginning. Her teddy bears learned a lot, with her bedroom-sized chalkboard and old textbooks from her mom’s elementary classroom. It was no surprise to anyone when she sought and gained her...

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Contenuti del corso

• Process of Film / TV production;
• Essential crew positions and key roles;
• Breakdown of primary departments on set;
• Introduction to Cine cameras;
• Showcase most camera types (Cine, Dslr, Video, 3D, VR);
• Setup and assemble Cine cameras as demonstration;
• Basic understanding of the camera sensor;
• Showcase various lenses and explain how images travel through the optics;
• Discuss variable frame-rates (time-lapse, stop-motion, hi-speed/slow-motion);
• Camera dissection and assembly;
• Introduction to scene composition and depth of field;
• Breakdown of key lighting setups;
• Examples of light painting by adding color to your own creations;
• BTS – Behind the scenes breakdown

• Introduction to Post-Production;
• Discussion of the process after filming has completed;
• Importance of the Editing process;
• Breakdown of the Editorial, Color & Visual Effects departments;
• Introduction to Visual Effects;
• Understanding Blue Screen / Green Screen Fundamentals;
• Breaking down the VFX reel – showcase before/after shots;
• Introduction to Sound Mixing, Foley & ADR


All learners are required to be on camera, if you have any concerns with this, please contact me BEFORE the beginning of class.

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